It’s not just dCS - Tidal & Qobuz problems

As an active member of the Naim forum (and soon to be Rossini owner) I can report that the problems many are having with Qobuz and Tidal are not limited to dCS. The same problems appear to be affecting Naim users as well.


I’m able to stream Tidal through my dCS Network Bridge, but when I select Qobuz, I’m asked to log in, and Mosaic does not accept my Qobuz password.

Same here.

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Yes - at this time (19.42 Central, 00.42 UTC +1) TIDAL and Internet radio station access is back, and Qobuz access starts, but valid password (works on Web site and Qobuz’s own app) is rejected in Mosaic.

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I have no problem with access to Qobuz @ 09:46 BST. Further, this time all of my Radio favourites have been saved.

Hopefully this means that all has now been sorted.

from the Naim forum:

One of the https certificates is still expired On the Qobuz domain, hence the system won’t work while in this state. On devices/code that don’t verify validity of the certificates chain it will work - however that’s not a great idea nowadays. As a test I disabled security checks on one of my devices and it came back to life.

I’ve tried to contact various at Qobuz regarding the problem, but with it being a weekend I suspect this will need to wait till Monday.

These issues have now been fully resolved: