Issues with Purcell/Delius pair

Hello I am really on the foot of the dCS ladder but need a little help . I have an intermittent fault while using my Purcell / Delius units . Input to the Purcell is via XLR Digital from a Mutec 3+ USB Reclocker and then from Purcell to Delius it via two XLR Digital inputs so that 24 / 192 is achieved .

I have owned this for just over a year and love the sheer musical quality but recently there has been a quiet bubbling noise on the right channel which lasts for about a minute or two then fades away and is quiet again . I have tried the same system with all of the various components changed out , streamer / player , Amplifier ,Mutec taken out etc but the sound only happens when the dCS pair is connected.

Now I really appreciate that these are very early models but is it possible to get them serviced ? I would be happy to drive from Liverpool to dCS to deliver the units and collect them as I would not trust these to any courier even with the original cartons .



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It isn’t possible to answer that question without establishing exactly what is causing the issue. Some things may be fixable but the problem with old items such as these is that parts may no longer be available.

I would send a message to [email protected] and ask what advice they may have.

Hi Pete thank you for answering and appreciate what you have said . I did contact dCS when I bought the items and they indicated that the screens were not replaceable or repairable if they develop a fault . They did not indicate that anything else was not replaceable but then again I did not push too hard at that time .

The problem for me and any repair engineer is that the issue is not constant but comes and goes which will make fault finding difficult and quite possibly time consuming as well which will be costly . I am really trying to find out if anyone else has ever come across this before so can point to a possible cause and if dCS will undertake a service on both units which may well not solve or even find the issue but I would have the peace of mind of knowing they would be at least in their view good condition .

You have my sympathy as intermittent faults can be very difficult to trace and deal with.

I have heard of several instances where things other than screens have been irreparable for old units, for example the replacement of certain boards. This becomes no longer possible as the stock held of the legacy part is exhausted over the years.

To me the clearest path would be , as you say, to see if dCS would service both units. However if they would be prepared to do this it still may not solve the issue for above reason. Further as it would be out of warranty and as there is (or certainly used to be) a minimum charge that would also have to be accounted for to see if it would be economically viable.

I have never heard of this issue exactly and genuinely wish you luck in finding someone else with knowledge of this exact matter

Thank you for your reply Peter yes I am aware of the conundrum I am currently facing . Hopefully some one from dCS will add to this and give me some guidance on how to move ahead . Costs are of course important but I would expect it should be possible .


The quickest and best way to make contact with us is - as Pete also suggested - to drop us an email at [email protected] and then it will be flagged up with us - we do look out for support queries here on the forums but they can often be swamped by the normal forums activity.

If your Delius and Purcell are the original Mk.1 units then we can no longer service those - if they are the later Mk.2 variant then we can take units back for service, evaluate what repairs are required and if we have the parts available (which on the whole we still do for those) then we can repair them …

Ultimately, as has already been said, components and mechanisms do become unavailable over time and so, although we do try to maintain the ability to service units for as long as we can, there does become a point where eventually this is simply no longer possible.

Best regards

Phil Harris

Thanks Phil

Sadly mine are Mk 1 units so no longer able to be serviced and i am just going t have to live with the issue until it get to stage of being too bad to continue .

Ah well play the next track and relax .