Issues with Mosaic 1.4 - failed connection

I am using Mosaic 1.4 for a while and it has been working fine.

in the past hour, it doesnt connect to Qobuz or Tidal. It connects fine to by USB thumb drive in the DCS network bridge.

I use mConnectHD and it connects fine with my Network Bridge.

Is there a problem with the DCS server?


Hi ,there is some problem with Mosaic today 29/12/22 , is not working at all since 30.minutes ago. Some solution?

Same for me. Spotify Connect seems to work, but no access to Qobuz.

Same problem here: no connection to Qobuz. Tidal or Deezer


And not radio at all , nothing , nada…

Same, Tidal connect works though. Using the tidal app to stream.

It would seem that there is a general server outage somewhere which is affecting TIDAL, Qobuz and Internet Radio access - it is being looked into but I have no further information at this time…

As soon as I have more information I will post it here.



Same for me!


Qobuz, TIDAL and Internet Radio appear to be back online now - we have not been informed of the cause of the outage but will continue to monitor the status of the streaming services to confirm that it remains available.



I had heard that it was an issue with the platform on which airable, Qobuz and others operate.

Glad to have it back working! :smiley:

Fixed! It’s working OK now . Thank you!

Thank you for your help in getting this sorted!

I hadn’t realised how much I would miss the services until it stopped.

Really enjoying my dCS network bridge!

Yes, it’s working now. Thanks

I can take absolutely zero credit in getting this sorted … all credit goes to the devs who were on it like my dog on a dropped sausage!

My only contribution was reporting up to you guys…


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We have a dog like that, too!

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