Issues of Bartók when play files in USB

Today I upgraded bartók software version from 1.01 to 1.11 (front panel version and control board version ). After upgrade, issues happened when playing files in usb plugged in USB port of bartók. In mosaic 1.1.3, I can’t select songs from play queue. Play next / previous buttons in mosaic can’t work as well. In a word, I can’t control song playing totally. Does anyone know How to resolve this issues? Can I downgrade to 1.01 again? I hate myself why I did such a stupid thing even if 1.01 is working so well.

After observation for a few hours, the issues appear again and again. I found that the songs in play queue are displayed in grey color, then Bartok can’t play songs anymore and I can’t control song playing from mosaic. How to fix it?

Hi smdzhm and welcome to the community. According to dCS’ website and Software History there are no upgrades for Bartok yet. It is also usual for there to be a lot of postings here when any of the products receive firmware upgrades but I think that you are the first to mention this.

What happened , did Mosaic suggest the upgrade to you?

I see that you have now powered Bartok down from the rear panel and the problem disappeared.

It is standard practice when upgrading dCS firmware to power down form the rear panel and then reboot. The upgrade is not finished until this is done as this resets the system. It is similar to when you upgrade Windows and your PC asks to be restarted after installation. I is advisable too to power down from the rear panel and reboot before starting the upgrade procedure.

In my Bartok just now

My version is same as yours.