Issue with Vivaldi CD player

hi, i experience some issues with my dCS vivaldi stack
I just bought it on second hand market .
When i want to play a CD, i’ve got every 30-40 seconds like a micro loss of signal; the music never stops but i hear it.
it seems when i turn off the clock that the problem disappears.
Could you help me ?
Maybe the settings ( Clok or DAC or both ? ) aren’t correct

That sounds like a synch issue . The player should display that it is synched to the wordclock ( W) and the wordclock cable from clock to player should be from a group 1 ( 44.1) port on the clock.

Also check the display on the DAC to see which synch mode it displays. This should be W1 when using the transport.

As you bought used, have you got the correct user manuals that match the installed firmware? If so this would help with any queries.

Hi. Thanks for reply

Hère are the pictures of my settings

Maybe you can help me ?


Thanks but it is a bit difficult as you haven’t labelled the pictures so I have to guess which display belongs to which box.

I think that the top picture is of the transport. it looks OK but I would prefer to see the home screen page. You can check it yourself by looking at page 15 in the user manual which has an image of the way that screen should normally appear.

Pictures 2 and 3 look like the DAC which seems fine save for my comment below.

Picture 4 and 5 is the wordclock, also fine though you might like to select dither ( the icon is like the two “square waves” in your picture but with an extra line to the right).

  1. what about the upsampler? do you have this and how is it connected?

  2. As mentioned previously are you sure that all of the group 1 clock outputs are correctly connected via 75 ohm BNC/BNC cables to the group 1 inputs on the other boxes.

  3. As 2. above, but for group 2 outputs/inputs.

The only thing that I can spot is that the synch shown in the DAC’s settings >synch Mode should be W1 not W with the transport. However I am not secure on this point as I do not use a Vivaldi Transport but a Rossini Transport as silver disc is a secondary source for me, albeit very nice to have.

Maybe another contributor will spot something I have missed as I still think that your issue is concerned with synchronisation.

I think i found the problem

The choice of « dual AES » was not automatic.

Since i change these settings , i don’t hear the loss of signal anymore

I’ll do some more tests but it seems to work


@PAR. Thanks for the help :wink: