Issue streaming Tidal via Roon after updating Bartok 2.0

After updating to 2.0 I have been experiencing some issues. I am using the NETWORK input. Streaming Tidal via Roon. Now tracks are constantly getting skipped over, and I get the error “Tidal media loading slowly. This could indicate network or connectivity problem”. Tracks play for maybe 5 seconds and then I get this error.

Ontop of this, every once in awhile I get popping noises from the left channel. The strange thing is it happens in both line out mode with my speakers, and also when I am in headphone mode I get the same popping noises in the left channel of the headphone.

Nothing has changed in my setup other than updating my Bartok to 2.0. Anybody else experiencing similar issues?

I have my Roon Core (on PC) directly ethernet wired to the router, and also Bartok network directly wired to router. Everything was working smoothly before updating to 2.0. Nothing else has changed.

Tidal seems to be playing just fine streaming through the Mosaic app. I suspect this might have something to do with Roon but not sure.