Issue changing from Spotify to playing direct

If I play music from Spotify through my Bartok and then switch to playing music directly from the Bartok I cannot change music when the first song is playing. If I try to change song I get an error message - see image. After the first song is complete it is back to normal. It’s a minor thing but I do not if this is by design or a bug. My Bartok and Mosaic app both run the most recent versions.

Just for clarification what do you mean by playing music directly from the Bartok? I ask as the screenshot that you have kindly provided indicates a request for a track from Tidal that was cancelled.

Further, when you say playing music from Spotify was that via Mosaic or from another source such as a USB connection from a computer to Bartok?

By «directly» I mean using the Mosaic app to select music from either UPnP or Tidal. I get the same error on both UPnP and Tidal. When using Spotify I select my Bartok through «Devices available» on Spotify on my iPhone. I did not open the Spotify app through Mosaic. I hope this helps.

Thanks. Is still a bit obscure to me exactly what you are doing but I am assuming that you are using AirPlay as the connection from your phone to Bartok. I am unfamiliar with that configuration but I suspect that it has something to do with your problem as you switch from AirPlay to ethernet. Perhaps one of the dCS team may be able to take this further ?

Hi Morten,

Could you please confirm if you are playing from Spotify via AirPlay or via Spotify Connect?

Are you able to repeat this issue every time, is it intermittent or was it just the one time which it happened?

Hi James,

I am playing from Spotify via Spotify Connect.

The issue is intermittent and I have experienced it a couple of times changing from Spotify Connect to Tidal through the Mosaic app.