Is the Mosaic app redundant now?

Is the Mosaic app redundant now? Since yesterday it seems the only way I can stream music from my Tidal account to my Network Bridge is via Tidal Connect. No bad thing really. Do I no longer need to use the Mosaic app at all?

Hi Michael,

We certainly haven’t made any changes to Mosaic to stop it working with TIDAL so you shouldn’t be having any issues. TIDAL Connect is of course an option, but streaming through Mosaic should still be working.

Can you describe what happens when you try to stream from TIDAL via the Mosaic app?


Hi James. Thanks for your reply, but Ive managed to sort this out now. I deleted the Mosaic app from my ipad and downloaded it again. I dont know if I had an old app, but this did the trick. I’ve been happily listening again the last couple of hours.

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