iPad sees Network Bridge, iPhone does not

My Network Bridge was switched off for a couple of months when my amp/DAC was out of action. Now everything is back together. An iPad Pro readily reconnected with the Network Bridge when it was switched back on. However my iPhone SE (2018 model, iOS 15.7) which previously readily connected to the Bridge cannot find it. Both iPad and iPhone are connected to the same home network. When opening the Mosaic app on the iPhone the blue circle just keeps spinning while it tries to find the NB. I can log on to the NB using the iPhone’s browser and the IP address of the NB but the Mosiac app won’t connect. Any suggestions?

If the Apple connection methods other than your iPhone connect OK then the fault cannot be at the dCS end of matters,

Apple devices do sometimes seem to have discovery problems. On the odd occasion this happens then I close the dCS app and immediately reopen it. This always results in connection and I suggest that you try this. However am assuming that you have installed the latest version of Mosaic in iPhone (v.1.3) which may have been issued during the months when your NB was out of action.

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Hi Pete, thanks for your reply. Turning things on and off is really the first thing one should try. I switched off the Network Bridge and switched it on again. Voila! Both iPhone and iPad now connect. IT – great when it works, frustrating when it doesn’t.

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