Internal or External Clock

I was wondering what the life span of a dCS clock is before its inaccuracy renders it more harmful than good?

Welcome to the dCS community, Mark.

This will help you a bit further:


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Talk about the perfect illustration that sanity is a relative concept, especially in this hobby. :wink: My dealer carries cables, equipment racks, and a host of “accessories” that cost more than my GNSS clock.



The beauty of a personal hobby is we each get to decide for ourselves. Some of us geek out on clocking, some on cables, some would prefer a Bartok with full Nordost Odin over a Vivaldi with subpar cabling. Who are “we” to judge? :slight_smile:


Of course no offense meant Greg.

Certainly to an outsider it looks nuts, but so is the idea that clock cables can make an audible difference, yet they very much do.

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Gosh Bill, none taken! That’s why the little winky emoji. More than once, I have found genuine mirth in my and others’ “selection of obsession.”

I am willing to believe that’s possible, But I have yet to read or hear an engineering explanation for why, other than compliance to standard. Shortly before my Vivaldi went in for its upgrade, I spent weeks comparing some very expensive clock cables, which are enthusiastically reviewed here and elsewhere. These weren’t demos. I paid nearly $10k for a full loom. Zero audible difference—“better” or “worse,” whatever those two terms might mean; simply no difference—in my system.

As you have suggested in other threads, sometimes the only way to find out is to try out. I did and, while I will gladly acknowledge that there might well be a cable out there that could make a difference in my system, I’ve given that possibility about as much trial-and-error time out of what remains on my actuarial table as I am willing. :smile: Time to remain in the joy of just listening.

On a separate and unrelated note, while I was waiting to retrieve my Vivaldi Apex, I was fortunate to have as a fallback the Sonore Optical Rendu feeding the Legacy Wavelet directly through USB. The Wavelet is a very good DAC in its own right, but it’s no Vivaldi. Having the Apex back is noticeably so much better, but I acknowledge that my brain and ears are probably making more of a comparison with the Sonore/Wavelet combo than they are capable of accurately comparing the pre-Apex Vivaldi. :person_shrugging:



Do you mean that between the pre apex and the apex you couldn’t swear that there is an audible improvement of the sound quality ?

I mean exactly that. Too much time and too many intervening factors. While I have zero doubt that it is better, there is no demonstrably credible way to prove it.