I just upgraded to Rossini Apex and now there is no sound from DSD files

I just upgraded my Rossini to Apex and I get no sound when playing DSD files. Other file formats work fine. When I play a DSD file through Roon, the Rossini displays the file as DSD, and on Roon it looks like the file is playing, by I get no sound. I’m using a Roon Nucleus+ with an external hard drive, all connected via Ethernet.

Hi Mark,

Sorry that you’re experiencing issues - this is a very unusual one that I don’t believe we’ve seen before!

Do you have any DSD64 and DSD128 audio files that you could put on a USB stick and try playing locally on your Rossini? If not then this website is a decent source of example files of various formats if you don’t have any DSD64 or DSD128 files to hand.

Would you be able to drop a couple of test DSD64 and DSD128 files on a FAT/FAT32 formatted USB stick and try playing them directly on your Rossini? This will enable us to start to narrow down what’s going on…



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If you change back to a PCM file, does the sound immediately “click” back in?

Then if you go back to DSD, does it go away again?

If so, I suspect you may need to return your unit to your dealer for service, it’s possible something failed during the upgrade or was not reconnected properly.

That’s a new format to me. :wink:

OK - OK - It’s a Sunday morning smartie! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Thank you - I have corrected.

No malice intended, it just struck me as funny. :grin:

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Absolutely none taken … :+1:

Yes, if I switch back and forth between PCM and DSD, the sound comes in and out.

I put some DSD files on a USB stick, along with some PCM files, and plugged into the back of the Rossini. Same problem. PCM plays fine. DSD looks like it’s playing on the Rossini display, but no sound.


Thanks for trying that … OK so if you run up the Mosaic app and go to Support → Versions can you take a screenshot of that and paste it up here or email it to “[email protected]” with the subject line of the name of this thread on here.

Was it both DSD64 AND DSD128 files that couldn’t be played from the USB stick or just DSD64?

Can I confirm that this has been an issue since your Rossini was updated (i.e. since having your unit updated you have not been able to play any DSD files) but that before the update you were able to play DSD files correctly?

What happens when you hit the “Check for updates” button on the “Support” → “Versions” page on the Mosaic app?



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Thanks Phil. I checked for software updates, and there were several (odd, as I just got the unit back from dCS a few days ago). And that fixed it. I can now hear my DSD files.



Great support from dcs :+1:


Thank you … just glad you’re back up and running.

Thanks … much appreciated! :+1:


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Much more appreciated by us, me… always good to know we can have a real support. It’s not my first experience, and one of my multiple reason to go further with DCS .