How to users know about software updates

Today, I was reading a forum post about Tidal MAX and was surprised to find out there has been a software update for my Lina DAC and Mosaic iOS app.
How do users know if updates are available apart from regularly checking Mosaic / Versions?

I think by checking the dCS forum, that is how I found out.

It would be nice to get a notification within mosaic if there is a new fw update. But then again not everyone is using the mosaic app.

Or are known to dCS if they are not registered for newsletters.

However I agree with your general sentiment.

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Just checking here time to time in Mosaic , so easy


There are several ways that you can find out that there has been a new firmware release…

  1. If you sign up for News Announcements then you should get informed when we have any news (like firmware updates),

  2. There’ll be an announcement on the forums whenever we do a firmware update,

  3. You can also check for firmware updates using Mosaic,

  4. If you don’t use Mosaic at all you can check for firmware updates via the dCS devices web interface.

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Please advise where do I sign up Phil.
Thanks Jeff

You can sign up to the newsletter here

Furthermore the software updates are also announced on the dCS website here as well as here

The related forum link is here

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Thanks Andre

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