How to connect a Vivaldi clock with Vivaldi DAC & Upsampler

Hello, i was looking how to connect a Vivaldi system thta would not have the transport in the system. There is a lot of very interesting drawings on the upsampler or clock but nothing fitting with my question.
The clock is able to manage clocks of 44.1 and 48kHz. The question is to understand how to connect and how many BNC cables are required : 2 cables between clock and dac (44,1 and 48kHz) and 2 cables between the clock and the upsampler (44,1 and 48kHz) ? or at least with 2 cables it is achievable ?

Thanks for your support.

The clock has two independent banks of outputs which are set to 44.1K and 48K multiples. In order to handle files of any sample rate without having to change clock outputs it needs to provide both rates to the DAC and Upsampler simultaneously. This becomes even more critical when the Upsampler output is set in such a way that it needs to see both frequencies. An example of this scenario would be upsampling a 48K input to DSD on its output. In this case it needs both the 48K (input) and 44.1K (output) signals available.

The DAC + Upsampler + Clock combination requires 4 BNC cables connected as illustrated below (green lines).

Thanks : very clear.