How I Update My Vivaldi DAC, CLOCK and UPSAMPLER?

How I Update My Vivaldi DAC, CLOCK and UPSAMPLER with the latest version??? Do I need a UNZIP with a WAV File in PDF and after use the USB cable to transfer?
Thanks in advance.

Are you an owner of this equipment from new? In that case your dealer should look after this for you if you do not know how to do it,

If you have bought pre-used equipment privately it may help if you posted the versions of your existing software that you have and we can advise you if there is any update available. Or you can visit the dCS website and go to Support/ Software History:

The most recent update for any of the Vivaldi component firmware was in 2019 so I am guessing that you are likely to be up to date.However Mosaic may need to be updated as below and the latest app installed from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Updating is done via dCS Mosaic so you need to have the latest version of this which is v. 1.1.3. Open Mosaic and go to Support/Versions ( the three bars in the top left corner.) This will tell you if there is an update available for your components and you can select it from there. It will then download and install automatically. NB: Before installing any update power cycle the unit concerned i.e. turn off the power from the rear panel, wait a few minutes, then switch it back on.

Hi Pete,
Thanks very much for your useful explanation! Yes, I bought my Vivaldi as 2nd hand product. I will follow your instructions. If I found any problem I will get back to you.
Best regards,