How can I install Mosaic on Macbook air?

Hi, Is there a way I can install Mosaic on my MacBook Air, It’s an old model - it is using an intel chipset - 1.3 Ghz dual core i5.

Think this is not possible, but I have it on M1 and that works pretty well!

Hi Alex,

There is no version of Mosaic for OSX … the latest M1 and M2 Macs allow the running of iPad apps on them and so can run the iOS version of Mosaic but there is no OSX release of Mosaic.

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Phil Harris

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Alex, if you don’t mind jumping through a few hoops so to speak; the Android version of Mosaic runs fairly well under Android Emulators on intel Macs. I used Noxplayer on my MacBook (before I moved to the M1 architecture).

That said, the MacBook Air is rather underpowered, so performance might not be the best.

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I run the Mosaic app on my M1 Mac mini, but I also run Mosaic on an Intel NUC running windows 10 connected to a touch panel. I use blue stacks emulator running the Mosaic Android app it works quite well. My only issue is the I have to manually connect to the ip address on my Bartok. I haven’t taken the time to figure why this is the case. I have used Blue Stacks on the Mac as well so I suspect mosaic would run just as well. You would need to get Mosaic from the Google play store.

It’s like[ly] caused by issues with the Bluestack Emulator properly supporting multicast; Mosaic Control depends on multicast service discovery (SSDP) to find the dCS kit.

Thanks for the info. I will take a look at the Bluestack settings.