Hi-Res URL - Where Are The Instructions?

In one of your user manuals you write: " dCS Mosaic supports digital music streams from the following sources when the dCS device is controlled with the dCS Mosaic Control app:

  • UPnP (in conjunction with Minimserver) * USB storage attached to the dCS device
  • Deezer Hi-Fi * Qobuz
  • TIDAL * Internet radio
  • Podcasts"

You list “Internet Radio”… But I do not see instructions on how I may add an internet radio URL. Would you please provide the step by step instructions?!? Thanks!

Greetings Paul! And welcome to the forum!

Internet radio can be accessed via the Mosaic app, by tapping on the globe-looking icon on the bottom left; from the source listing tap Internet Radio and you have an option to list High quality streams. The choices appear to be curated, and I don’t believe one can add individual urls.

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This is correct. The internet radio facility is provided by airable, a radio integration service based in Germany. It is their “a” logo which is displayed in Mosaic next to the radio selection option. Note that the list of stations provided in Mosaic is customised by them to dCS’ requirements and hence does not include stations whose format is not supported by Mosaic e.g. stations streaming using FLAC or HLS ( much to my frustration :frowning_face: ).