Help Trouble shooting Bartok or whole system

I route my Bartok thru my Classe’ ssp 800 in buypass mode, during the past few weeks i have started noticing a slight hiss on certain songs sometimes during a male voice and mostly on a Saxaphone while playing through Qubuz or Tidal coming from my right speaker i reversed the speaker cables and the hiss moved to the left so i think the problem is further up the chain any ideas on how to isolate the Bartok, the SSP800 or the classe monoblocks as the cause would be appreciated. Would like to hook the Bartok up to a different system to eliminate it but dont know anyone close and my Dealer is 300 miles away in Seattle. so any ideas would be welcome on figuring out what peice is having issues.

Mike, unless I’m misunderstanding something, why not swap the Bartok’s left-right channels into the SSP 800? (exactly in the same way you did with the speaker cables) - if the noise doesn’t move with the swap, then you’ll know for sure it’s not the Bartok. And likewise follow on with swapping the SSP’s output to your mono-blocks, etc.

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Hi Mike,

I’ll second this, if you swap the cables coming out of the Bartók going into the SSP 800 (only swap them on one end of the cables, not on both) does the hiss stay on the right channel or does it move to the left?

If the hiss stays on the right channel, that shows the issue is somewhere upstream of your Bartók - such as the SSP 800. In this case, try swapping the output cables of your SSP 800 and once again listening for any changes.

If the hiss moves to the left channel when you swap the cables between Bartók and SSP 800 at one end, it indicates an issue before the SSP 800. If this is the case, it would be worthwhile swapping the Bartók’s output cables around fully at both ends and seeing if the issue stays with the Bartók output or follows that specific cable.

Thanks Anupc and James
Good news is after a Complete power down (power outage) of the whole system the Hiss has gone away
the bad news there must be a Capacitor or something in the chain that is going bad, i will have to wait for the issue to return and then will start swapping interconects to try and nail the offending device
thanks Agian