Headphone amp remote turns Bartok screen on

Hi all,

I’ve changed a few things around and now have my Sugden Headmaster on the same rack as the Bartok.

Every time I change volume on the Headmaster the Bartok screen comes on for as long as the remote button is pressed.

Any ideas how to stop this happening?


Hi Ralph.

I am assuming that you mean using the Sugden IR remote? This is very odd as remote commands have a finite code length and just releasing the remote command button should not revert to the previous status quo. That would normally require a further command. Would you firstly kindly check that your description of the issue is accurate?

Edit and NB: the display when switched off will switch on again for a brief period when other control options are selected. So of if you are selecting volume on the Sugden and that is erroneously recognised as a valid code for a Bartok function the display will switch on for as long as you keep your finger on the button if the remote then sends repeated commands. I would select the control lock option once your control options have been selected to your satisfaction as this should stop the issue if the Bartok function being selected in error is subject to the lock ( see manual).

Thanks for your help, it’s only when the volume button is held down. Can’t access the lock on mosaic as I don’t have that option so I’ll look on the unit later.

Wouldn’t normally be a problem as the Headmaster isn’t on that rack. As soon as I solve a ground hum problem on some headphones it’ll be moved.


Lock is selected from the Bartok display. See Configuration Menu and p.41 in the user manual.