Having streaming issues with the Lina Dac

Scenario 1: Streaming through Mac Mini and Tidal via USB to Lina. Perfect. No issue.

Scenario 2: Streaming through iPhone using Mosaic and Tidal. Occasionally some buffering issues or stoppages. Entire song, may encounter 2 or 3 stoppages.

Scenario 3: Streaming through Mosaic and uPNP Synology NAS. Every few seconds, the playback stops and go. Impossible to listen to the entire song.

May I ask what could be the root cause ? Thank you.

To add on, all software/firmware have been up to date.

This is a common issue. The cause is virtually always a network issue. I expect that there is a setting in your router/switch that needs attention. I am no network expert so suggest that you contact:

[email protected]


How exactly is your network configured? It it all hard wired with Ethernet cables or are you using any form of network extenders such as Ethernet Over Powerline, Wireless Extenders or MESH networking?

A UPnP server on your local network should not have any breaks in playback so if you are getting issues playing from a UPnP server on your local network then that definitely suggests an underlying network issue…

As Pete has already suggested I would ask that you drop me an email at [email protected] then I can pick this up with you directly which is much easier than working through a forum thread as I will almost certainly be wanting photos of information and logfiles etc. which are not appropriate to be sending across the forums.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

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