Has anybody lost Qubuz again?

Just tried to sign into Qubuz with Moziac and like last week it keeps asking for my password went direct to Qubuz on my iPhone app and it plays fine.
Any sign in help would be appreciated just downloaded DCS s newest play list this morning and wanted to give it a listen
Thanks mike

Yup, it’s happened again for me as well…

No problem at all with Qobuz UK. Is it a Qobuz USA issue as that service apparently uses its own technical hub ( the European operations all come from Paris AFAIK)?

Otherwise maybe it has been fixed since you posted 2 hours ago?


In Belgium same issue, Qobuz lost, but when I entered the login/password it connected to Qobuz correctly.

I just double checked and still no problem at all with the UK service. I have checked using both iOS and Android installations of Mosaic.

Thanks Pete. I just tried again, and am now able to log in.

Hooray it’s letting me sign in this morning so