Grounding dCS Vivaldi

Hello. I am the owner of a full Vivaldi system. I would like to try to connect the DAC and/or the Transport to an Entreq ( ground box.

What would be the best possible connection? Can I use the RCA or BNC inputs?

Many thanks.

Why ? The sound of your stereo is not good enough ? :laughing:

Perhaps because I’ve tried Entreq in other parts of my system and I like it? Not a helpful comment.


It wasn’t a comment, it was a question.

Did you see this 3d sound stage via ground control - #12 by ruudvde

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Thanks Ruud. I’m testing Entreq ground boxes. I’m demoing a couple connected to my mono amps at the moment and I really love what I’m hearing. That’s why I’m planning to connect other parts of my system, incluso D’Agostino my beloved dCS Vivaldi.

Ok, I already understood that but it was just a tip for an alternative while you are still testing. I have no experience with the Entreq devices (I do with the Shunyata), but I do know how to determine where and which connection you can best use. In the case of the dCS Vivaldi, I have measured that it does not matter whether you connect it to the BNC, RCA or Chassis earth (behind a screw). I prefer the chassis ground but with all devices. Measuring where and then trying it out is of course the best.

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Thanks Ruud. Will obviously test the various options. Planning to connect dac via BNC at the moment.