Frozen Rossini Player

Hi, I am using a Rossini Apex Player. I play music from a DELA/Melco N1A NAS that runs minimserver v2.2. I can control it on Mosaic App and I can play
Music normally.

However, I had encountered issues of the Rossini became frozen during music playback multiple times. It started with few clicking sounds (I guess it is from the relay), then the front screen would flash and then freeze like the photo attached, with front panel not responding. I can only reboot via the back panel switch.

Also sometimes the front panel will show music playing but no sound.

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Did you double check that any Ethernet or optical connections you may be using are fully seated.

Several years ago I found I didn’t “click” a connection and couldn’t figure out why I was getting dropouts.

I believe youre describing a clocking issue. How exactly are you attached from one to another. Likely another member will chime in before i get up in the am. Welcome aboard.

The Melco NAS has 2 LAN ports, which I connect one to the switch, and other to Rossini’s MAIN LAN port. I have another RCA coaxial connected between by Wiim pro and Rossini. There is no other connection on Rossini except XLR output to amplifier.

I was guessing a clocking problem but can not figure out how it can happen in the middle of playing a song. I prefer assuming it has something with network firmware, because I received this screen a few times after I reboot the machine.

Although this screen did not happen again after I manual install the update(no, the screen of updating also froze with no response), the precious frozen screen still happens sometimes.

Did you power off your Rossini, using the toggle switch at the back of the unit, leaving it powered off for at least 30 seconds, prior to installing the Mosaic update?

If not, please do so.

Which version of Mosaic do you have?

This is the latest version;

The network firmware update usually takes a few minutes without any screen changes, which some might mistake for a freeze, just need a little patience, and the network board will reset by itself.

However, the rest of the symptoms you describe seems rather serious. Your Rossini likely needs a look over by your dCS dealer.

It already is the latest version. I turned off the back panel switch and reboot the machine. Then I installed the newest version of network firmware last week.

Since the last update, the frozen issue changed a bit. The relay clicking and front panel freezing was no more(so far), but sometimes the Rossini would freeze between songs while listening, showing “no input”. Control the playback using Mosaic app would make the song being showed as playing on the app & front screen, with the time ticking, but no sound coming out. Another reboot would fix it, but it happens sometime which is still disturbing.

I contacted the dealer and after a week of testing there and by the technician, they said they encountered no issue at all. I am still wondering why, maybe it is because by NAS? would keep testing for a few days if the issue persisted.

It seems like a possible cause despite I am sure my connections was secure. I would reconnect the cable again and see if it did the trick. Thanks

Not likely. There are many of us who use Melco, including myself, and don’t experience such mid-playback issues.

If Mosaic is losing discovery of Melco than this does not suggest a fault with Rossini, Mosaic or Melco but with your network. This view is supported by the fact that referral to your dealer/technician resulted in no fault found.

Please advise us about your network. Do you use a mesh system or e.g. internet via mains cabling? What router or other switch have you?

BTW I too am a Melco as NAS user and there is no problem.

Edit: I am paging @Phil on this as though there may be differences with some issues reported elsewhere there is also a similarity so I think he should at least be aware.