Folk & Acoustic Music

Thanks, I will have a listen.
Nice Vienna Tang track.

Today’s playlist, so far;

Elephant Revival: Break in the clouds

Sarah Jarosz: Follow me down

The Barr Brothers: The Barr Brothers

Laura Marling: I speak because I can

You may like this album;

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones: Flight of the Cosmic Hippo

Here’s a YouTube link;

Edit: I’ve also added;

The New Basement Tapes: Lost on the River

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Thanks. I enjoyed this album (Off Off On). I’ll delve into her discography.

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I enjoyed this album, thanks.


Last year, I bought this album (which was one of Marco’s suggestions earlier in this thread) as a download. I particularly like this track, which may appeal to you

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A track from an artist I mentioned at the beginning and she’s Canadian, Raine Hamilton, title track from her new album;


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Every album a hit with me, thanks.

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I’m listening to this now, and like what I’m hearing, thanks.

BTW, it occurs to me that, in one of my previous posts

I may have given the impression that I’m Canadian…
Actually, I’m an English ExPat in HK.

Anyway, back to the music! :blush:

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Yes, for some reason, I did assume that, but the main thing is you have good taste in music whatever nationality you are.
One more for today, Joshua Radin from his first album We Were Here


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My album of the day
American duo by the name of Rakish, debut album out now Counting Down the Hours… a mix of Celtic, Americana and Chamber



Thanks, that was enjoyable.

Just compiling today’s playlist, which includes;

Rosanne Cash: The River & the Thread

Doc Watson: Doc Watson

Equation: Hazy Daze

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One of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard was from Rosanne Cash and her dad, When September Comes… will check out Equation.
My album of the dayBarnaby Bright, The Longest Day

Their first album is excellent too, gone a bit off, imo, with their latest stuff

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Thanks for the recommendations. I enjoyed the debut albums of both Rum Ragged and The Once, particularly the latter.

In case you’ve not heard The Kruger Brothers, this is one of my favourites, the title track from Up 18 North

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Enjoying The Kruger Brothers thanks
You might like this, you probably already know of them

Only really liked their first self titled album

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I also like Nickel Creek’s second album, This Side (another Alison Krauss production).

At the risk of too many ‘Alison’ mentions, have you heard Alison Brown’s album, Quartet?
This is my favourite track;

And for those who have not heard them…
Alduos Harding from New Zealand

Also tiny ruins


Great stuff, thanks.

Love Aldous Harding’s first 2 albums… Tiny Ruins excellent!

A suggestion sent to me via Ear to the Ground, Ol Whitetail, beautiful self titled album


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I’m currently listening to Lost on the River by the New Basement Tapes, so thought that I would mention it, just in case this album is an unknown for some who may be enjoy it…

Spanish Mary is (probably) my favourite track;

My favourite track too, think it’s Rhiannon Giddens on vocals who I’ve got several albums of
track from her Freedom Highway album


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You are right.

Thanks for the clip. I will have a listen to her Freedom Highway album, and explore the rest of her discography.