Flac radio stream support

I’ve successfully added stations to my favorites. However, I’ve not found any high res stations I normally use via Roon. These include Rondo (Helsinki) and JB Radio. I only see the mp3 versions of these. Any plans to incorporate the higher res versions?

We’re limited by the catalog that our service provides. We absolutely support FLAC streams but if they aren’t in the catalog then we don’t see them.

Can you post a couple of links to the stations you’re interested in and I’ll see if we can get them added.

Rondo Klasu - http://rondo.iradio.fi:8000/klasu.flac
Rondo Klasu Pro -http://rondo.iradio.fi:8000/klasupro.flac
JB Radio 2 -
And this is a relatively new one that is less “stable” in that it seems to go “offline” quite a bit:
Radio Paradise - http://audio-3.radioparadise.com:8000/flac

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Just FYI… we’re making progress here and are waiting on some catalog updates. Once that’s done we can test to be sure that the flac streams are properly chosen when the user selects a station.

I still don’t have a timeline, but we are working on it.

As an aside, I did notice that the Radio Paradise mellow mix was missing so I put in a request to have it added and that’s been done now. It’s at 320kps now, but will switch to flac when support goes live.

If anyone else has requests for flac radio stations please post them here so that I can make sure that they will work and then get them added to the list.

Thanks. I see that RP has a few new Flac stations that appear to be working under Roon.