Fixed IP Address on Rossini won’t save (fixed)

Hi, I today took delivery of a new Rossini to replace my Bartok. I’m trying to change the IP address to fixed, via the web interface, same as I did for the Bartok (seemed to make the Mosiac connection much more stable) but each time I change DHCP to No, enter the new IP address and subnet mask and hit “submit”, it says “network settings was changed successfully” but the change doesn’t take effect. I go back to Main Page and it’s still showing the original IP address.

I’ve checked for updates via Mosiac and it’s saying all up to date.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks, Mike.

Maybe, after changing the IP settings, you need to manually reboot your Rossini from the switch at the back, to make the change effective. Please try.

Hi Erno, I’ve tried powering it down from the back, it came back with original IP address. Tried changing again and still the same. I could try resetting the network interface via the web browser but was worried I could going back to an older version, I didn’t want to try that until I’d asked if there’s anything obvious I’m doing wrong.

Cheers, Mike.

Perhaps this older reply is useful to you:

Thanks again Erno. Yes I’d read that post previously but it’s not really helping. I’d got it set up on the Bartok and it was working nicely and I’m trying to change the Rossini to the same address as I’d used on the Bartok. The thing
is, this isn’t a network issue (yet…) as the Rossini simply won’t save the change. I recall when I made the change on the Bartok, I lost connection on the web interface (as you’d expect) until I assigned the address in the router and then connected again via the new address.

It feels like I’m missing an obvious step when making the change but I can’t see what.

I think I’ll try reinitialising the network interface tomorrow to see if that makes a difference.

Cheers, Mike.

Last try: is Settings Lock active in the Configuration Menu?

I thought you’d cracked it Erno but it was already set to unlocked.

Thanks for trying. Will try a few more things, inc network card reset, and report back.

Thanks, Mike.

Sorted - I was leaving the DNS field blank by mistake, entered the current default value and the change was accepted. All now working on the new IP address.

Thanks again Erno for your help.

Cheers, Mike.

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