Expanse problems on Bartók

I’ve found a track (in fact, much of the album) that is really broken with Expanse (both 1 and 2). Horrible, driver-worrying glitches. Problematic both with Qobuz and the same thing from local files:

Plain old Crossfeed is fine, however.

were the files in MQA ?
From recent times, maybe the last update, but i am not sure, i can’t listen to MQA files on Tidal with my Bartok. Each time i try, there is a noise all along the song. I post a message on that forum last saturday, but i didn’t have an answer yet.
I have this problem only with MQA files. Redbook and hi-rez files on my server are ok.
Tyler Durden.

No, these weren’t MQA in either case (local or streamed).