Error Processing Update

I have been working on updating the firmware for our dCS Demo devices. However, I continue to get the error message “Error Processing Update Please Contact dCS” on the Bartok with Headphone Amplifier. I did not know if anyone else has been receiving this message. It has happened numerous times with the latest update released on two different units on two different networks. I have attempted to perform the update through the Mosiac App and through the web browser.

Have you tried turning the unit off and back on again? Needing to do this has been a reasonably common thing for the updates that people have reported here.

Most have used the power switch on the back of the unit.

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  • Did you first update the Mosaic app, prior to starting the update?

  • Did you turn the unit off and back on again from the rear panel power switch prior to starting the update process?

  • After completing the update, did you again power cycle the Bartóks from the rear panel switch?