Elgar plus 1394 problem

Hi, Could you help please? I’m having problem when using the 1394 input. It keeps showing “search. .” or “Encore -” It works sometimes but most the time doesn’t. All the cables are connected correctly. The issue of my Elgar Plus is 4.26. My CD transport is VERDI Encore with latest software issue. Hope someone could help me. Thanks!

Hi @Thomas, I’m sorry to hear that you’re having troubles. I’ve forwarded your question to our Elgar / 1394 expert and am awaiting a response.

Update: I’ve sent you a private message with some information and instructions.

I trust that Andrew’s private message has sorted out your problem.

I would just mention that one difficulty with the 1394 interface on the Elgar series of products is that the 1394 ports are sunk behind the full thickness of the Elgar ( or Verdi etc.) chassis frames. Not all 1394 cable connectors have a long enough conductive part to penetrate the thickness of the chassis to fully mate with the port and although it may appear that a connection has been made from a physical examination, in fact it has not been made electrically, hence the “Search” message.

Therefore it may be necessary to cut away a mm or two from the plastic surrounding the metal of the connector to ensure that it is seating properly in the 1394 port. Back in the day some cable manufacturers were fully aware of this and would supply customised 1394 connectors for dCS products- Audioquest were one. However I doubt if after this number of years such customisation is still available.

Dear Pete Rogers,

I just noticed your message. I am so excited at the moment because I believe that what you are suggesting is the right answer to my question. I will try cutting 1-2 mm from the plastic surrounding when I get back home. Thank you so much for helping me!

Best regard,
Thomas Huang

Let me know how you get on. The cutting away can be difficult to do without the correct tool. If you have one of those miniature power tools like a Dremel then this may be best with the appropriate attachment.

Just for clarity, it is the front edge of the plastic insulation that needs to be removed as this part hits the casing ( the hole for the port cut in the Elgar case is only large enough for the metal part of the connector).
If you cannot remove the plastic successfully there are some brands of 1394 cable where the connector is long enough to mate properly with the port, the one from Oyaide Neo is fine if I remember correctly. Whether or not you like the resulting sound is an open question of course :thinking: