DxD with Vivaldi Upsampler and DAC

Hello, i’m not sure how to activate the DxD mode with an upsampler and Vivaldi DAC. With Mosaic application (in device) i select on the upsampler “DxD Lock” ON and “Upsampler Clone Mode” on LOCK.
Afgter that on Mosaic i go to the “Audio” and on dCS Processing platform i select “384000”. The upsampler is showing a conversion to DxD on the display but the Vivaldi DAC is showing 24/384 : no DxD.

I doing everything right ?

Thanks for your help.

I believe you have to leave clone mode to off. I also believe it is normal for the Dac to display the actual date, and not dxd. Andrew may confirm.

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DXD is just a shorthand for the two common 8x PCM sample rates at 24 bit (24/352,800 and 24/38400), it’s not a different format. The point of DXD lock is to be able to upsample up to 8x while still allowing the upsampler to choose the actual sample rate that that is most appropriate for the incoming stream. That is 352,800 for 44,100 - 176,400 and 384,000 for 48,000 - 192,000.

The DAC will always display the exact rate and bit depth that it is receiving via one of its inputs and in the case you’ve brought up the DAC is receiving 24/384,000 (which is also DXD). If you play a file that is at a 44,100 base frequency then the upsampler will show something like 16/44.1 > DXD and the DAC will show 24/352.8

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Thanks a lot both of you for your feedback. If I reformulate to be sure to have understood. « DxD lock » will push the upsampling to the DxD (352.8 and 384) and will select automatically according to the source (multiple of 44.1 or 48) the right frequency ?

Yes, that is correct.

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Thanks a lot