DXD bypass in upsampling process

While it is possible to let DSD untouched by the upsampler while working on the other signals, I don’t think it is possible to do the same for DXD.
Would it be difficult to implement ?


If you have a Vivaldi Upsampler then I think what you are looking for is called “Clone Mode” (Page 38 of the Vivaldi Upsampler manual) - that will allow PCM to be passed through untouched.

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Phil Harrs


As far as I know, clone mode will not specifically leave untouched DXD but any flow. My request is more specifically for DXD. My understanding of the DSD Pass-through is that it allows for DSD to disable processing when it does not make sense i.e. the source is “good enough” and your output is some PCM level (so I guess usually DXD)
I believe a similar statement could be done for DXD for people that want to upsample to DSD or DSD2 for most flows but consider that DXD “on its own” is “good enough as-is”…

I hope I am more clear :blush: