DSP Room Correction

I’m making this quite a broad request, as I’ve seen quite a bit of coverage over at AS. Some examples include incorporating branded plug-ins (DIRAC, REW, Audiolense to name a few) into Mosaic.
Or even a dCS software in itself (a big ask)? If the FPGA can handle this sort of processing, I’d love to experiment with this feature.

This is an intriguing notion. I would throw Linn’s Space Optimization into this mix as well. I do room correction right now with a Wavelet in front of my Legacy Audio Aeris speakers. And the improvement it achieves is not subtle.

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i think you may be asking dCS to take Mocaic where they do not intend to go. They have stated they have no intention of developing a product to compete or work similar to Roon (or other such programs.)

I agree dCS don’t want to take Mosaic the Roon-lite way, but room correction DSP is a feature that audiophiles are turning towards as solutions to improve any setup. One can implement it, but it involves another workstation to fulfil the duties, and given the potential of Mosaic as a platform, I have confidence in it being able to handle such duties. Some may want more than a test signal, phase tuning and LR balance. As for asking for an in-house design, again dCS are experts in the digital field, so even a small team can design an elegant solution that can better a lot than what’s around.