DSD Filter not show in Bartok display

If I’m upsampling DSD with Filter 1 why the Bartok display is showing me F6 - my choice when I’m upsampling DXD instead F1?

Augusto I think this may need a little clarification.

You are saying :

It is not possible to upsample incoming DSD data ( 64 or 128). You can only upsample PCM data to your choice of DSD or DXD. So if you are upsampling you must have incoming PCM and not DSD data. If you are being given the option of F6 when upsampling then you must be upsampling PCM to PCM i.e. to DXD as filter F6 s not available for DSD ( incoming or upsampled).

Would you please re-check exactly what you are doing as what you describe is not possible. I suggest using Bartok’s own front panel display and not Mosaic for this check. Open the Unit Settings menu (has an icon of a spanner) and check the upsampling setting ( the sixth item in the submenu).

Hi Augusto,

Please read the following thread. While upsampling PCM to DSD 2 filters are active, but only 1 shows in the display:

Sorry if I’m not explained well. I’m upsampling PCM 16/44 to DSD with F1, but in display I can see F6 , my filter when I’m upsamling PCM to DXD. That’s means I’m not upsampling DSD for any reason?

Thank you Ermos I read now your answer, and I understood what happen with the 2 filters. it’s show F6 but is applying F1 for DSD …right? Or my own choice from F1 to F4 ( DSD filters availables)

Yes! Right.

It shows your choice for PCM filter, and then it applies your DSD choice for filter, and uses it when you upsample to DSD, but it only shows the first.