Does the Rossini Player not like MoFi Gold Discs or is my drive bad?

I’m trying to figure out of I need to contact my dealer and possibly send my RP back to dCS.

It plays all CDs just fine, but I have a MoFi Gold Ultradisc of Dark Side of the Moon.

Whenever I play it, I can hear the laser assembly seeking back and forth for about ten to fifteen seconds before it finally starts playing the first track.

Notably, it then often (but not always) starts that first track with a brief burst of digital “white” noise.

I have three other CD players and a Blu-ray player, including an old Sony “Discman” and none of the others has any difficulty whatsoever, they start immediately playing the disc within a second or two of pressing Play.

What’s interesting is I usually get the burst of noise even if I jump back to track 1.

I have no skips, pops or anything else playing the disc once it does start playing.

That makes me wonder if perhaps the disc is just misauthored or something which confuses the RP but all other drives ignore it.

I will head down to my dealer and see if their RP does this or if it might be my disc drive. I don’t want to be without my unit but I don’t want it to die out of warranty, either.

Note I don’t see this on any other discs, just the MoFi Ultradisc Dark Side of the Moon.

The disc surface is completely pristine with no fingerprints or marks of any kind.

I am concerned about my player, but given it does eventually play it without erroring out, I am wondering if something is just out of tolerance and, again, if it might cause an issue in the future.

I’m a little paranoid about it because I ignored a similar issue with a player in my past, and by the time I found another disc the player had difficulty with it was out of warranty and it cost me a large amount to repair.

With this I’m not sure if it would go back to DCS North America or have to take the long trip to the UK and back. :frowning:

My RP is just about fifteen months old right now.

As far as I can tell from your post I would guarantee that your Rossini Player is fine if the issue is limited to this single disc.

It has always been the case ( well, always from 1983 :slight_smile: ) that silver discs are made with errors. Different transports have varying abilities to cope with these errors so that a disc that will play on one machine will not play on another and, similarly discs that do play on the second machine will not play on the first. I will give an example. When I had a Paganini transport I bought a copy of an SACD from the Mercury Living Presence series. This would not play all of the way through and to avoid a lot of effort I simply bought a second copy. This played with no difficulties. Now I have a Rossini Transport. Both copies play on this transport without a problem. Further most of us who have ripped CDs will know that some CDs cannot be ripped using one drive but are without any issue using another.

Visual inspection of the disc will not necessarily tell you much. My first action would be to clean the disc properly. I recommend Disc Doctor Miracle CD cleaner - that has restored many discs to play for me over the years. NB: Do not use tissues but cotton pads and blot rather than wipe the disc dry.

If that cleaning does not work then I am afraid you may need to buy another copy.

That makes me feel better.

Given they are going for $50+ used these days, I suspect I’ll just wait the fifteen seconds or so until it starts playing.