Does anyone else find that they have to power cycle their Rossini Player a lot?

I’ve only had my Rossini player for about two weeks now, but I’ve already had to power cycle it no less than five or six times.

One common factor seems to be that over time a connected Mac will no longer see the USB input of the Rossini player. It simply won’t exist. Rebooting the Mac does nothing, you have to power cycle the Rossini player for the USB port to come back as an option for output from the Mac.

The last time I did that, I fired up Mosaic, and it strangely was giving me only the option of changing the filter. The “Audio” options to alter upsampling, mapper and the rest were not present, and when I selected “Display,” the options to turn the display on and off and the toggle for the logo were not given as options, either.

After a power switch power cycle of the Rossini Player, all was back to normal.

Instead of rebooting anything, the next time your Player disappears from your Mac USB, you might want to give the following a try;

(Rossini Player Manual page 20)

Guess you might want to check your USB cable while you’re at it as well :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I’ve had occasions where my Rossini misbehaves, yes. I use 3 inputs:

  1. Roon streaming
  2. Internet radio through Mosaic
  3. S/PDIF input, usually TOSlink

Sometimes, during or shortly after switching between these sources things go haywire; can’t quite reproduce it. A few times the unit just froze - display still showing something, but on one or two occasions the display just went blank (I guess that signifies a Mosaic crash.)

All these occasions required a power reset.

Most of the time the unit just works - but these freezes/crashes do constitute small blemishes on the product,

Hopefully they are just software issues that can be resolved in v2.02 or v2.1 or whatever comes next.

I’ll give that a try next time.

I know the connectors are secure.

I wonder if the same holds true if you switch away from the input while a song is playing; I do that all the time (usually accidentally.)

I have a slight feeling that if I switch too fast to TOSlink after stopping Roon streaming, I have a greater chance of a freeze. Just a feeling; this is by no means reproducible.

Paul, i never ever had this issue with my “good old Rossini’s”.
With the toslink input I had to use the buffer. This to sync with the sound on my tv.

Hi Ruud,

Yeah I don’t know what it is - it has happened all in all maybe 5, 6 times now since I’ve had the Rossini. Once actually for no good reason at all - the unit had been playing a while and was halfway through a 24/96 album when it just stopped and the Rossini screen went dark (a crash). All the other times it happened during or shortly after me doing something like switching source.

It’s a little early to tell, but I’m getting a feeling that fiddling with the filters may have something to do with it; I don’t think buffer on/off is related though.

I’ve confirmed the switch in USB mode from 2 back to 1 and back to 2 does work to make my Rossini Player visible to my Mac again.

No connection issues, but I think the Rossini Player just doesn’t like it when my Mac goes to sleep for a few days between uses.

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