Display screen defect?

Bought a 2nd hand Rosinni Player, but seems some defect? (Circle in red)

The vertical line shouldn’t be exist ?

My Rossini does not show this vertical line. Did you already try to reboot your Rossini, by switching it off and on with the power button at the back?

I did
More than 5 times

This is just a thought, not necessarily a solution. With Rossini you can switch the dCS logo illumination on and off. I am wondering if switching it off removes the line as it divides the logo area from the information display?

Had to check my Rossini too, no vertical stripe. It’s certainly not a screen defect (it’s too regular for that) but something the screen driver generates.

I vê the same problem with this vertical
lines in my transport and clock
any toughts ?

The same problem with my transport
Any toughts?
2 vertical bars right and left side

My Rossini Player has exactly the same vertical line. Just appeared one day.

Unplugging it for 24 hours did not help. I wonder why?

Hi Leonard,

That’s usually an indication of a display fault…



Thanks, Phil. I thought so, too. Fortunately, it doesn’t affect the sound.

Also, there’s a new dealer in my country. I’ll ask them to take a look.

That’s me with the shoulder bag.


Sounds like a plan! :slight_smile: