Display issues with Bartok and Mosaic

Extreme first world 'problem ’ here.
On Mosaic, I am trying to shut off the display while keeping the logo lit.
On Mosaic, the display is Off, brightness at 0 but the Bartok still shows the display.
It works only on the logo. When Off, the dCS is off.
So, how do I get the display Off?
No sleep will be lost on this issue.


I am unsure if you can do this remotely from Mosaic. The illuminated dCS logo is switched off via the menu on the front panel display ( Display Settings/Logo). The display itself is switched from the same menu but it is the selection before “Logo”.

Mosaic shows that both can be controlled.
I never use the unit’s menu.
I’ll check it out,

Update: I pressed Menu and off went the display without doing anything else.
Strange but it works!

I am able to independently control both from Mosaic (on my Rossini)


Mosaic functions of Display deactivate and Logo are independent.
If you wish to “Black-Out” the display for evening listening from Mosiac simply toggle the Display switch in Menu-Display.
The same goes for Logo Illumination.
If wish to decrease/increase the display brightness 10-100%, use the Display Brightness slider in Menu-Display.

One idiosyncrasy, which will be resolved, is with the Display in the toggled off state and an attempt to increase or decrease the Display Brightness via Mosiac.
This will result in the LCD being energised (soft background glow) but without usual front panel info.
Toggling the Mosiac Display switch will bring everything back.
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Here’s a new issue : now, Mosaic doesn’t display any information in the, Display, Device or System Test. Audio is fine.

I had exactly this yesterday. The almost-always-works approach to computers (turn the Bartok off and on again) fixed it, after quitting Mosaic didn’t.

The only time it’s ever happened to me.