Display discrepancy

USB Class 2 was selected and displaying in Mosaic app but the devise screen remains displaying class 1 as active.
Which display is correct and how can this discrepancy be corrected ?

I had posted a similar support topic a week ago but have not received a response.

Thanks, John

Hi John,

The device screen shows the USB input at the back that is used. USB 1 or USB 2.


USB Audio Class 2 refers to the USB driver that was set up, see manual.


Hi Erno,
You responded to both my inquiries.
I suppose if I’m able to select class 2 in the app settings page then my device ( Rossini ) must be set to class 2 ( default ). In any case I’m playing 192 kHz.

Thanks again


Hi John,

I’m very sorry if you didn’t get a reply to an earlier request on here (I have had a look for an earlier request and I couldn’t find one…) - it does sometimes happen that we miss stuff in the general ebb and flow of the forums. Especially so if a request is put into the middle of an existing thread which often happens.

We do have a direct support email that is generally best to use ([email protected]) because it comes straight to us or alternatively if we are tagged on here using @support or @Phil or @James then we get alerted to there being something that we need to take a look at - quite often the forum regulars (you know who you are) will tag us to let us know there’s something that we need to see (which is great - thank you guys)…

USB Class 1 audio is restricted to 96kHz max sample rate so if you are playing a 192kHz source and the Rossini is showing that it is a 192kHz sample rate source that it is playing then that would confirm that you do have USB Class 2 audio selected correctly,



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