Debussy's power and WCLK LEDs flickering

For the past two days, I have been noticing that power and WCLK LEDs have been flickering no matter if music is playing or not. It does not affect the output at all. I can hear the locking click when I plug in or out clock cable. I have Rossini clock connected to it.

Has anyone faced any such issue or have any insight into this? Please help.

May I suggest that you check the obvious? Make sure that both ends of the cable supplying the power to your Debussy are properly connected to the respective power outlet and inlet receptacles. This sounds like one or both are not properly seated.

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Thanks, Pete, I checked but it is not power related because as stated music has been playing nicely as it did prior to this problem. One thing I missed reporting was that when I change volume using remote, these LEDs lit properly.

That may be possible as there is both power smoothing and signal buffering so very brief power interruptions may not be manifest to the ear but still cause the LEDs to flicker . Just speculating though.

Does hitting the volume control fix the problem or only temporarily?

Temporarily then back to flickering mode. Similar to what happens with my bank account, when salary comes in, it looks good but when I make all credit card payments, my financial status starts flickering :).

It is very difficult to guess what might be happening but try switching the Debussy off from the rear panel. Remake all of the connections over the next few minutes then switch back on. If you still have the issue then I suspect that a more focussed view of what is happening may require being hands on rather than remote text messages. So the next logical step may involve your dealer.


I believe we may already be looking into this for you via dCS USA?

If so it has been raised to the service team here for their consideration and as soon as I have any information then I’ll get that back to the US guys…

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Phil Harris