dCS Vivaldi DAC sometimes fails to power up (Blank Screen)

Once in a while, the Vivaldi DAC fails to power up. I see the screen lit but it’s blank and the Vivaldi DAC logo doesn’t come up. I switch Off and start again, all is fine.
I have had two Vivaldi’s and both displayed the same problem sometimes. Is it common?

I think that this is a known fault. It has happened to me but has been fixed. I guess that you need a response from dCS as to the current situation.

Thanks, Pete!
I will contact dCS to see if a solution exists.

There is a known issue in which the DAC will sometimes power up with a blank screen. What software versions are installed on your Vivaldi DAC?

Firmware: 2.02
Front Panel: 2.11

It would appear that you only got a partial update on your unit. Both the control board and the front panel should be at 2.11.

Please contact your distributor / dealer about having the update re-installed on your unit. That should help with the display issue that you’re experiencing.

Will do.