dCS Vivaldi Clock and thermometer icon

Dear community and @support , i come to you looking for your feedbacks concerning my Vivaldi clock. My loudpseakers were on maintenance during th epast month and my system, including the Vivaldi Clock was fully off (switch off at the back side).
When i switched on yesterday, everything was running fine but after more than 14 hours, the Vivaldi clock running, the thermometer icon is still on.

In fact i do not remember if it would take time to be at the right temperature but i was expecting that after 14 hours of usage it should be at the right temperature to operate normally.

For sure, i will leave the clock running but looking for feedbacks it such long time is a concern and if i need to have a closer look to this.

Thanks for your time.

PS : few months ago this clock went back to dCS for calibration (4 years old)


The thermometer icon is totally normal and should be present on the display when the Clock is working correctly - it means that the Clock is maintaining a stable temperature.

Please see page 11 of the Vivaldi Clock Manual for further details.

I hope that helps



Hello @Phil , you cannot imagine i feel stupid. i read the manual the other way round : thermometer wold appearwhile looking to reach the right temperature…

Sorry for that.


No worries at all … You read the manual (which TBH is a really good start) and I know myself that it is incredibly easy to read something the way that your brain expects it to be, even going back over it multiple times.



Phil to the rescue again! ; )

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@keiserrg … hardly - the rest of you guys would have been in there if I hadn’t. It was quite nice to get to one before you guys did! :smiley: