DCS USB Driver for Windows

I’m a new Bartok owner (SN BSD56385, Version 1.1.3(119)). The owner’s manual recommends installing the DCS USB Windows driver at http://dcsltd.co.uk/products/bartok-DAC. However, when I follow this URL, it redirects me to https://dcsaudio.com, and when I search for “USB Driver” it points to a link that, when I select it, results in the message “about:blank#blocked.” I have tried relaxing my EDGE browser settings, even using Firefox on a different computer without luck.

Oddly enough, my Bartok does work with USB Microsoft drivers already in my PC:

Are the DCS USB drivers still supported, or has this become a non-issue?

Welcome to the dCS community, Doug, and congrats with your new Bartók.

You are right, the new dCS website in some respects is a mess, and not functioning. The old site’s links have not been redirected to the new ones, mentionned in the manuals. And the search function on the new site is also not working properly. As you said, once you find the Windows USB Driver on the new site, it does not download.

It does show up in the search results, however:


It does not work in Firefox, Edge and Chrome.

You could ask @aman about further help, he is the digital content manager of dCS.

As has been already said:


I would add that it also does not work using a less common browser ; Opera. So it seems to be completely non - functional. BTW I tried using the route to it suggested by Ruud but as soon as the link to the driver is selected it is blocked.

I am left wondering how rigorous dCS’ UAT is?

In welcoming you to the community forum I think it worthwhile pointing out as you appear to be using USB that the best sound from any of the dCS streaming products is via network connection. USB connection is good and far superior to many other manufacturers’ implementations. However there is a marked uplift to sound quality via the ethernet port. You may read dozens of posts making this point if you look through the archives here. If you are able then I would try it. If you are not able to do this at present ( e.g. you do not store your local files on NAS) then I would recommend planning a future move in this direction.


Thanks Ruud but using Opera and selecting download for the USB driver I see:

I only use the “dCS quality” browser, ha ha.

Thank you! This particular path worked for me in Edge. Apparently there are multiple pages that advertise the driver, but not all pages contain the link.