Dcs update 2.0.1

Updating 2.0.1
Need I turn off and on to restart or not ?
It shows this display 30 minutes already
Thank you for support

I would start again. The software download shouldn’t take that long I think, unless perhaps if you have extremely slow internet and even then 30 minutes sounds far too long. You may have to shut down and restart and then try the update again. It took three times for mine to download and update.

Thank you. Problem is solved :grin:


I see you have already found your answer but for anyone else reading this, the front panel of your streamer / DAC will keep you informed of is happening or what (if anything) needs to be done.

The updates themselves can take up to 45 minutes as reprogramming (and verifying) FPGAs isn’t an instantaneous process and can take some time.

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Hasan, I hope you don’t mind if I ask you a couple of questions;

  • What symptoms did you encounter when it failed, was it similar to Kevin’s?
  • Do you have a firewall on your home network?
  • What’s your broadband rate?
  • Where are you located geographically (continent is fine if not Country)?

I’m just really curious why you’ve had to try 3 times. I never seem to ever encounter any such problems with firmware update, yet quite a few others seem to often have problems :thinking:

No idea Anup. Probably my broadband rate or internet connection. But it wasn’t much of a problem. Just had to restart. The OP seemed to be stuck so I just thought he should know that this can happen. I am in the US.

Just read Phil’s post. Clearly it can take longer than I thought so I was wrong with my suggestion.

I had a blank pale white screen at one or perhaps both failed points that would not go away. Not the same as OP.

But the third time went through in about 5-10 minutes or so.

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Hi Anup,

It’s interesting seeing the perspectives on firmware update difficulties and the experiences that people have …

Obviously from our end we try to make the update process as resilient as possible but if someone experiences update issues then we totally understand it is frustrating and we’ll obviously help resolve that.

We’ll see comments up on here such as “Lots of people are having issues” or “you need to improve your update process” or “why don’t you tell people that they need to power cycle their units first” and we do look at the issues that people have to see what lessons can be learned from those issues going forward and what can realistically be incorporated into the update process to make it more resilient.

Normally on a big firmware release across all the platforms we’ll usually get maybe 30 or 40 people that have issues globally over the couple of weeks following a big firmware update release - which is probably in the order of 0.1 or 0.2% of units out there.

Of those customers that do have issues a power cycle will generally resolve most of them and in the end there’ll usually be less than a dozen globally that we’ll then need to actually get involved with to get updated …

It’s always interesting when you can look at the issues reported globally - like the TIDAL issue in China the other day.

Certainly if there was an issue that affected everyone (or even 1% of everyone) then James and I would be totally swamped…



Thanks Hasan. Interesting.

Phil, yeah, I can imagine you guys see only very few of these firmware upgrade issues.

My curiosity was peaked with 2.01 as it was just an FPGA update (as opposed to Network board), and dCS is pretty bullet-proof on these, yet some individuals had difficulty.

I just wondered whether there’s a common thread. :grin:

Hi Anup,

Well, we see very few given the number of units that are out there that are being updated … we can obviously see the traffic on the download server so we can gauge how many units are being updated and over what kind of timescale.

It’s the common threads that we try to keep an eye out for as well and it’s rather cool that you’re curious too… :+1: