DCS unstable on IOS 14.0.1 with Voice Over running

Hello, after upgrading my Iphone 8 to IOS 14.0.1, I cannot use DCS Mosaic.! The application is unstable and closes all the time. I tried to go to the Support tab but it is not possible.
Does anyone have similar problems? Probably not because it would have already been written about it. Perhaps the problem is that my iPhone works with Voice Over due to my blindness.
Regards, Robert Tota

I’ve been an Apple beta tester for years, and have had no problems with iOS 14 and Mosaic. Granted, I do not use Mosaic for most of my playback, and I don’t use Voice Over, but it works just fine when I check it.

I think the key to why I have difficulties with DCS Mosaic and other people are not using Voice Over. Voice Over changes the way the iPhone’s touch screen works so that a blind person can operate the application by running only the functions that we want to run. Enabling VO for a while and checking that the Mosaic application is working has nothing to do with using IOS on a daily basis with VO. It is a slightly different philosophy adapted and thought out for a blind person. In order not to be groundless, I will ask someone to record my activities with DCS Mosaic on a Video and it may convince them that the problems are real and not made up. Besides, what would be my purpose in writing about imaginary problems?
Regards Robert Tota

Robert, a quick google search reveals that, indeed, turning on iOS VoiceOver does occasionally cause some Apps to crash when certain UI API calls are made. The crash logs may already be logged within your iOS device.

Navigate to [Settings] -> [Privacy] -> [Analytics & Improvements] -> [Analytics Data] ; you might see a Mosaic entry associated with it’s crash. Maybe send the file across to the dCS folks here on Support. :+1:t3:

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According to your hint, I have checked the privacy settings to see if there is any DCS Mosaic-related file to save and send. Unfortunately, there is nothing like this. In DCS Mosaic, I have the option of sending information about failures and problems with the application to DCS. I think reports are being sent on a regular basis.
Regards Robert Tota

Forgive me, but I think you misunderstood my brief note. All I meant was, quite literally, that I don’t use VO, but that when I check Mosaic under iOS 14, it (Mosaic) works fine. Even if I had tried VO briefly, which I have not, I would not suggest that merely checking VO for operability would substitute for daily use. Sorry for the confusion.