DCS Rossini not recognized on new network


My Rossini has been in storage for 5 months. It worked perfectly on my old network. I did use ROON Nucleus but decided to remove it from the system. Just moved into my new house and hooked up my Rossini via Ethernet and the apps do not see my Rossini. I believe apps and Rossini software is current. Anybody have this issue before?

Did you do a power recycle of all of your devices such as modem, wireless router and Rossini from the back panel?

I did. I am wondering if my Ethernet jack is dead. My tech told me he tested all the jacks but perhaps he missed one. I will try one more recycle.

Hi Robert, Just for clarification:

Which apps? You seem to have removed Roon so what are you using to control Rossini and play music?

Well believing is not quite the same as knowing so would you kindly post the software versions that are running on the Rossini and on the apps?

In 9 out of 10 cases concerning the failure of apps to discover a dCS network application it is a problem with the network. I suspect that we may be heading in that direction. So do not be surprised if one of the network experts on this forum asks you for details of your installation and of certain settings.

Plug a laptop into the wall jack network cable and see if it’s a live online connection.

Reset the Network part of the Rossini via its’ IP address in a web browser, you may need to move the router/laptop near the Rossini temporarily. .

Thanks. Turns out my Ethernet is dead at that spot.