DCS/Roon Newbie

I bought the dcs Network Bridge on reputation. I’ve been using an Aurender N100H for the past four years but, I really wanted to migrate to a Roon based system (I already use Roon with my KEF Wireless II speakers).

Here’s my question/fear. In reading up on connecting the dcs to my network and accessing Roon, things seem complicated with issues related to Upnp etc. My music is stored on a hard drive that is connected to my iMac running Roon Core. Roon recognizes the hard drive and organizes the music appropriately for the KEFs. When I plug in the dcs to my network and to my PS Audio Directstream DAC, will the dcs be automatically recognized by the Roon Core and vice versa? Or, here’s my fear, do I have to do a whole lot of other stuff to get up and running? Plug and play or plug and pray?

Any help would be appreciated.


No you dont need to do anything but connect the Bridge to your network. Go in to Roon under settings, audio and you will find the dCS under Roon Ready devices, just activate it there and you are set to play.

The nice thing about dCS runing Roon or dCS own app Mosaic is that you dont have to change things you can use both of them and the dCS switches automaticly when you hit play in either app.

I have been runing a NetworkBridge for some time now and it works flawless.

Since you are coming from Aurender N100H and want to connect a dCS Network Bridge to your PS Audio Directstream DAC, you also have to be aware that you cannot connect the dCS NWB via USB to your DAC. There are some other options, digital output via AES/EBU, coaxial, and toslink. Which is best depends on your DAC. You should consult the table on page 12 in the dCS NWB manual for settings.

You’ll find the dCS NWB manual at

Thanks to you all. This thing is awesome! In just a few hours, I’m completely taken by this Network Bridge. Beautiful tonality. Anybody want an Aurender N100H?!