dCS Purcell question

I am using a dCS Purcell with a dCS Delius . Connection is with two AES/EBU on FOR then Deliys adjusted to two AES inputs . Normally when feeding a 44.1 signal I use 174.4 output .On the Purcell it shows over on the right 24 bit then a little further off . The Delius on the other hand shows input as 24/176.4 . Is this right or do I need to change a setting on the Purcell to get 24 bit ?

Purcell outputs a 24 bit wordlength irrespective of the sample rate selected unless the same input and output sample rates are chosen ( this results in a clone of the data input).

Delius displays the actual wordlength and sample rate being received which is 24 bit in your example.

Thank you Pete tried going through the manual and could not find the screen description . It would seem that the word output is switched off when in dual AES more so it is fixed at 24 and is saying the word output option is switched off .