dCS price-list September 2023

The Dutch distributor just has published the new price-list of dCS per 1st September, 2023:

It is the same as the prices per February, 2023, except the Lina’s are now also listed.


It is almost acceptable this time…Unless they increase the prices every 3 months :slight_smile:

The new price list mentions the Lina 2.0. I did not keep up with the Lina DAC, but am I wrong in saying that the Lina 2.0 has not been announced yet?

Hi Guys,

Just had this thread flagged up to me … and in reading it I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify something. :slight_smile:

The “Lina 2.0” reference does not refer to any kind of future hardware upgrade to Lina.

There will be a v2.0 firmware release for the Lina which - just as with the 2.0 firmware release for the Bartok - will be a functionality enhancement that uses the current Lina hardware platform so the “2.0” designation here is not relevant and will be removed from that price list.

We don’t have a release date for the Lina 2.0 software at this time.

If there are any questions please do shout up and ask…




Thanks Phil for clarifying.

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The lina’s can be bought from the ‘usual’ hifi dealers in the netherlands, not just the headphone shops as before :grinning:


Indeed! I see that now too. Good find :+1:

Only the “dCS Lina Series” dealers. At this moment 4 dealers

So happy I bought my Bartók and Rossini clock when I did. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t have auditioned dCS at these price points… well maybe the Lina.

Well, I only have the non Apex Bartok bought for £8500 off a friend. I’m very happy with it and certainly not looking to upgrade. It’s all getting a bit expensive isn’t it!