Dcs p8i repair, very bad service

I have a P8i mk2 which transport never worked well.
The first time the transport broke i bought the umk5 but my techician, not from Dcs, could not install.
I sent the player to Dcs and they put this mechanism and sent the player. Then i could not read sacd and returned back to dcs while from Dcs were saying it was due to the rack.
At last they could solve the problem.
14 months from that the player started again skipping and reading errors, disc error and no disc.
I sent again to my tech and told me the problem was motor and spindle . I asked Dcs for this pieces but they said i possibly damage the transport due to statics but i used 14 months without faults. My tech did a repair putting another spindle from another umk5 as I have 2 broken mechanism in 5 years.
Now the player is just dead, it does not read anymore and the tray does not open or close.
Dcs sent several mails with cost of more than 1000 euros for repair with no warranty. At this moment the problem was the motor but now seems to be another problem.
What can i do? Now the player is a brick and useless.
I dont understand why these players, all of them with umk5, has these failures. It seems a bad joke.
Now perhaps the failure is in esoteric boards. I have to throw the player to garbage due to bad service?
Tell me what can i do?

CD/SACD transport mechanisms are consumables like the stylus on a record player. That is true for ALL silver disc players not just those using UMK5 mechanisms. Eventually the Optical Pickup Unit will fail because the laser naturally loses power over its life and can no longer read the disc. Alternatively moving parts wear out ( typically the mechanism which switches the different wavelength lasers in an SACD/CD machine). Sadly most of worldwide production of genuine CD replay mechanisms and of CD/SACD ones has been terminated by the OEM manufacturers in the Far East. In effect optical disc replay is now a niche activity, not only in the world of music, but also in regard to movies and computing itself. So the availability of spares is shrinking and in many cases they are unobtainable items. Fortunately dCS has made a huge investment in keeping stocks to support repairs as far as is practical.

This is a fact of life which has to be accepted and is why many people ( I think the majority on this forum) have switched from playing silver discs to ripping to computer storage. Doing this and replaying them using a computer application such as JRiver MC would be your cheapest option as you can still use the digital processing of the P8i for PCM files >24/48 KS/s. You may need to use a USB to S/Pdif converter as the P8i has no USB input.

The latter point also emphasises that in the world of digital replay this is now a player from a previous era and that inevitably involves compromises in regard to current expectations.

That last repair was done by a local technician using parts cannibalised from a donor transport. As the parts would have already been worn their subsequent lifespan would have been unpredictable.

Other than adopting computer replay the only alternative would seem to be to replace the UMK5 transport but you will need to assess if the cost is economically viable in the circumstances.

I accept nothing is forever but replacing transport with a huge dispense every year?
And after replacing at Dcs… Again no warranty?
This is nonsense.
Did you replace your car every year?
Now after telling me that they wont repair, a new failure appears. When I advise the problem was in the spindle and motor. Now If the problem is in boards I suppose this would cost at least 2000 euros.
The solution… Use as dac?
This is no serious.
I have had several products from other brands but this post selling service is very bad.
I did not canibalize anything. I had to take a solution that DCS could not give.

There may be a language difficulty here but in your message I read it that the current situation is after a repair not by dCS but by your local technician who replaced parts donated from another UMK5 mechanism ( that is what cannibalisation is - using parts from one machine to repair another) so I do not see how this is the fault of dCS. Perhaps I misunderstood.

Other than the above what I have said is pretty much the situation unless you can find a source for a NOS ( New Old Stock) UMK5 other than dCS and a technician competent enough to fit it to the P8i transport.

I cannot comment on either the price you quote from dCS nor upon the warranty aspect. That is between you and them. I can, however, say that I am sorry that neither I nor anyone else here has a magic solution for you. This is a problem in general with old CD players. They have a lifespan and many of them have now reached or surpassed it.

You ask:

No but most years I have to pay for the replacement of parts in my 17 year Ford. There is no warranty. It is too old.

A few time ago my technician did what you say canibalization. A few time before the player had reading failures after a repair done at Dcs. This was the repair that last 14 months as I said

Dear @RLRB

Thank you for your post.

At dCS we pride ourselves on our product reliability, performance and high standard of repairs carried out by both us and authorised dCS Distributors.

I have messaged you privately via email; continuing our conversation from early October. I encourage you to respond so we can move forward and get your unit back to playing music.

The dCS Service Department is on standby ready to help.



Just want mention my experience: Bought a used P8i Mk II in not so good shape. Had good email help from Dcs to get it right, and even some small screws for free. Drive failed after a few months. The whole repair process (new drive or reading unit, testing) was polite, competent, helpful, informative, and not expensive (under 500 EUR ?). To me, Dcs is a high-end company that also takes good care of customers with units that are both old and not expensive anymore. Probably the mixing of old parts, local service, and Dcs was not soo good. Give Dcs a chance to install a new drive. Your P8i is still a very good performer and a low price ticket to Dcs sound !


Thanks for your kind words! I remember conversing with you via email before personally repairing/upgrading your P8i. I’m glad it is still serving you well and bringing you enjoyment.

Welcome to our forum. Im sure you will be made to feel welcome by our community.


What does the kit cost to bring on of these up to a mark two? Or are they still available?