dCs NB not responding to Mosaic


My NB is not responding to the mosaic app. But can play music using the old dCs NB app.


What device are you using for Mosaic controller? Is it an i-pad? if it is and you have been updated to iOS 13.5 you may need to uninstall Mosaic then reinstall a fresh copy from App Store.

When you say your NB is not responding, is Mosaic finding the NB or is it just searching for it?


I’ve reinstalled the app both on the iphone and the chrome book. Still not able to get into the tidal or qobuz account from mosaic. The mosaic is detecting the NB.


Nitin, I hope that you have seen the explanation posted since I wrote as we ( and other service users apart from dCS) are all experiencing the same issues.

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This issue has now been resolved: