DCS Mosaic Cannot Access Tidal and Qobuz

Good Day to All,

Reaching out to DCS Mosaic users from the Philippines. Been using DCS Mosaic for 3 years via DCS Network Bridge until last week where I am not able to access neither Tidal Qobus from Mosaic. I have reached out to DCS technical customer service and was informed that not a DCS issue. Anyone have encountered the same Mosaic issue? I am able to access bothTidal and Qobuz from my Macbook, Astell and Kern SP1000 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Tidal app.But sadly not from DCS Mosaic. I was successfully able to access both Tidal and Qobuz from Mosaic last April but from May onwards.

Would appreciate any help.



Hi Mike,

As we are already in contact with you regarding this issue then I will continue our discussion on the original support ticket rather than splitting it here too however just to summarise…

We are currently in contact with you and four other users in the Philippines who are unable to access any streaming services via Airable from that territory (something that I understand also occurred a year or so ago and then “resolved itself” after several weeks).

We have obtained logs from your various units and, as discussed, we do not believe the issue to be either a Mosaic app issue nor does it appear to be a dCS-specific issue but it appears to be an underlying issue accessing the Airable streaming aggregator service from the Philippines and we have been informed by a different user in the Philippines that this applies to another manufacturers product that he has that also accesses streaming services via Airable too (but we have not yet been able to confirm this ourselves) … as such we are trying to identify what the cause of the issue may be but it does seem to be outside of our control.

Best Regards